Part 4 of Vas Deferens and the Seminal Vessel. Click here for part1, part2 and part3.

I’ve been having a blast lately fleshing out this story more. I’ve got, what I think are some pretty fun characters coming up and I’ve fleshed out the overall arc for the story. And I’m having fun with this sunday style adventure strip format. Granted it is really challenging to write an adventure story and add jokes along the way.

So there is still PLENTY of time to take advantage of book pre-order rewards! There are still a couple of guest spots left and plenty of comissions open!

Also I am ARG! made it into the next round of the NSFW Webcomic Tourney! Voting ends for this round next monday and you can vote everyday! So if you’ve two clicks to spare why not throw them at I am ARG! and some of the other great webcomics competing! 

Have a great weekend guys!