So at conventions, I like to offer on the spot commissions for everyone. They’re a great way for you to get an original one of a kind piece of art from me. I wind up with my head down drawing all con when I’d like to spend the majority of my time meeting readers.

SO… In an effort to free up some of my time at Emerald City Comic Con this coming March 1st-3rd, I’m going to open up the commission lines early so I can get a head start on them. If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con this year and are thinking of asking me to draw you something just send an Email to ARG[at]IamARG[dot]com with the subject line “ECCC Commission” and what you’d like me to draw. When ECCC starts you can stop by the booth, pay for the commission then and walk away with a one of a kind piece of art made just for you.

Here are the rates and what you get.

$12 will get you an inked sketch of a single character.

$20 will get you an inked and gray marker sketch of a single character.

$25 will get a fully coloured and inked sketch of a single character.

The costs for extras like backgrounds, second characters and the such can be negotiated depending on complexity.

Here’s some links to samples of past convention commission works for examples.

Wreck it Ralph – Colour sketch
Posion Ivy – Colour sketch
Black Cat – Colour sketch
Pheonix  – Gray Marker and Ink
Protoman – Colour sketch
Frog – Gray Marker and Ink
Finn and Jake – Gray Marker and Ink
Catwoman and Batman
Batgirl – Colour sketch

I’m hoping this frees up some of my time to talk to you guys and get to know my readership better.

Hope to see you guys there!