What does ARG! stand for?

It’s my Initials, Andrew Richard Gregoire. When I started creating artwork I started signing it all with ARG! and it just stuck. Now people call me that.

When do you publish the comic?

I aim for Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around midnight. So anywhere between midnight and 2am there’ll be a new comic. I’ll post on Twitter or Facebook if there’s a delay.

Why an Autobiographical comic?

I started this comic on facebook and then made a website around it. while making characters with a storyline is something I have planned for the future a strip, I wanted to get a years worth of “I am ARG!” before I do any other projects. It’s sort of morphed into more than just a Journal or Autobiographical comic, Now all my weird thoughts get translated into comics. If I find it funny and I can make it into a comic, I’ll do it.

Did ____ or ____ actually happen? 

While yes, this is a Autobiographical comic, some things are hyperbolized for Comedy’s sake some things are just funny thoughts in my head. I’ll leave it to you the reader to decide what is what…

Can you draw me in your comic?

See –>  http://iamarg.com/?p=17

Once upon a time you did a bonus comic “The Studio” while hinting at some more of it. Is it still coming or already somewhere?

I am still working on this. I’ve been taking my time and really working the writing of it and fleshing out the characters.  It is a comic strip I really want to do, as it’s dear to my heart. But because you’re curious, I’ve got 4 strips done and 3 story arcs written. When it does premiere (and again it’ll probably be a while) I’ll announce it big and bright on I am ARG.

What happened to Vas Deferens?

Vas is still alive! I have that story written and ready to draw. Unfortunately to do Vas justice, I need to change up the presentation a bit. Which will require me spending more time on the pages. Time is something I don’t have a lot of these days. Rest assured the Adventure Vas and Percy were on WILL BE TOLD!

Why are you so busy?

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. I work full time as a character animator and I have a long commute to the studio every day. Besides that and the comic, I also have several other projects on the go and a wedding to plan. not to mention trying to have a semblance of a social life and spend some time with my lovely prewife.

Is your prewife really that hot?

Ya damn right she is.

I’m an animator and I was wonder if I could turn Aurora into animated short film?

I’ve been asked this by over a dozen people now and I’ve had to decline every offer. I’m actually in the planning stages of turning it into a Short film myself.  I’ve got a couple of people already doing some work and I’ve been boarding and planning in my free time. I know that story resonated with a lot of people and I’m sure some peoplewould do a great job animating it. But it’s a personal story for me and I want to see it done right.

Do you do commissions?

I’ve been known to do commissions from time to time. I usually do them when my work plate isn’t so full. I usually open of commission slots on my Deviantart page. So stay tuned to that.