I am ARG is One year old today!

Here’s a Wallpaper Version of today’s strip!

I want to thank you all for being such awesome readers. When I started this comic I had three goals. One easy, One sorta hard and One I thought would be impossible. The easy one was to make a book. I’ve always wanted a book filled with my art and I’m well on my way. The second goal was to draw 5 comics a week for a year. And with the exception of one week I took off in march (and the help of great friends) I accomplished that as of today. The Impossible(or so I thought) one was to reach 1000 readers.  When I started doing this I never thought it would reach the amount of people it has. And then to have those people come back day after day just to see what weird things go through my head, that is  truly mind blowing. So thank you for helping to make this comic awesome! And here’s to many more years of I am ARG!