Welcome new readers! thanks for stopping by and checking out my webcomic. I’ve got a months worth of comics in the archives if you’d like to check out and I do hope you enjoy. And please don’t be afraid to leave comments. I loves me some comments!

Dockets, plans, To do lists, I tend to make far too many. Whole moleskins have been filled with scene numbers and days of the week and things to correct or do. All of them have maybe at most half the items crossed of be for I’ve gone back an restructured, reformatted or just plain re wrote the list out.

So I’ve spent some more time with the administration part of getting the website up and I’ve slowly started to dip into my buffer of comics I made.  So this weekend will be BBQ’s and drawing comics. I’ve also got a show with my band this weekend too. busy busy busy.

I’ve talked to some Writer friends of mine and they’ve started to send me some scripts. So i’m going to start posting some bonus comics. I’m thinking of putting a little more time into these ones and posting them on the weekends to fill out the week more. They’ll also have original characters, meaning not people or situations from my life. So like in a REAL comic. No set schedule yet but I’ll post here on the blog when these strips will appear. Look forward to that.

Again please feel free to leave a comment if you like or to check out the other places I exist on the Internet such as my DeviantArt account or my twitter.

Till Monday!