Guys and Girls, You know that experience. You’re standing at a light just staring off into the distance and suddenly you realize that you’re staring at some girl’s chest. Completely by accident and I am being serious when i say this is an accident. Although this could work if you intentionally wanted to look at half naked bits, but I don’t want to be held liable for any ill effects towards your person.

This weekend was what I needed it to be… Relaxing. Caught up on some sleep, played some games and drew this weeks comics up. I also fleshed out “The Studio” a bit more. I’ve got a cast of characters and a plot. I’m thinking I’ll just put it to it’s own page until I figure out how to handle it.

Recorded a podcast on friday but… It only recorded Ryan and Nick’s voices… it didn’t take mine. which is grand. I’m thinking I’ll just go in and re-record myself saying dumb things seeing how that’ll turn out. Hopefully we can fix that and get an episode out the door. finally…

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