You know the feeling. I can handle the Green “Grammar” Squigglies in word and such but those red ones annoy me to no end.

I want to take a second and congratulate two of my friends who just recently tied the knot on Saturday. Congratulations Greg and Lindsay, I hope life is awesome on you.  The service was wicked beautiful and the food was delicious. But everybody knows it’s about the open bar. I was pretty hungover on Sunday to say obviously.

So now that I’m officially unemployed for the time being (contract ended, see Friday’s strip) I’ve got some time to concentrate on things I’ve had on the back burner. So i’m super excited to start those up again.

You know what I’m not excited about?

I’m not excited to shop my demo reel around. Anybody know anybody who needs a 2d/3d animator or storyboardist? I’m pretty funny looking and I come with 8 gigs of hilarious (read: annoying) animated gifs to attach to every and any email I send out.

Well, you can hit me up in the comments, or on twitter OR you can check out my deviantart where I post tastefully drawn men and woman.

Also thanks to everyone who has been voting by using the TWC button on the side. Much appreciated!