So just as I go to post today’s comic my internet goes out. Thank Carl Sagan for the tethering on my iPhone.

Before I get into the usual ramble about today’s strip I wanna thank Scott from Nerf This again for the plug and welcome all the people that have come by to check out my comic, been getting tons of great feedback and awesome comments. I’m trying to get to them all, so don’t you worry.

So what’s the craziest ad you’ve seen online? I swear I saw some pretty bad and/or crazy ads.  It’s amazing what people will put in their ads, but that’s a whole other comic…

So yeah recently I’ve been looking into a lot of cool resources for webcomic creators. A lot of stuff has changed in the webcomics landscape in the past 7 years since I was apart of it with CSI:Moberts (I just did a Google search for it and I’m seriously disgusted to find a guest comic I did ages ago, I was not funny back then) It’s nice to see how open this community is. Especially to a relatively new guy like me.  So yeah it’s been a fun learning experience. Especially since this comic started as a facebook thing meant for my friends before I decided to see if  strangers would like it. I’m glad people seem to responding positively to it.

I stop mention it but I do have a twitter account and a deviant art account  and like I mentioned before there’s a comment section. I’m headed out to a cottage this weekend so I’m unsure how my internet connection will be. It might be nice to get away from the internet for a period of time. Then again last time i left the server my site was on gets DDOS attacked.

Well till monday!