This was one of the most painful experiences in my life and I’ve had a spinal tap. I have terrible teeth that just got worse and worse when I went to college. FUN FACT! I had dental insurance when I was in college. Another FUN FACT! It was after college when I decided to sort this teeth shit out… BOO URNS ANDREW. BOOOooooo UUURRRRRRRRnnnnnnnnsssssss…. So yeah I was pretty much in terrible pain for like 16 hours. It kept getting worse and worse. I couldn’t eat or sleep and went to a pharmacist and the emergency room before I got to see a dentist the next morning and he froze my mouth. Giving me sweet sweet relief.  Never again will I let that go unchecked… never a-freakin’-gain.

Thanks for all the feedback on the RSS feed stuff. I’ve decided that I’m going to make the Comic the same size it is here on the actual site.  I’m also glad to see that you RSS feeders are eventually coming to the site to  leave comments. I love that you’re taking that time.  So i figure the least I can do is give you guys a comic that your can freaking READ.

So this is my last day in Big Bear California, and I have to say I’ve had a blast, even though my ankle hates you I still love you. I’m actually excited to get back home even though I’m not looking forward to the heat in Toronto. (IRONY!!!) Hopefully I can get some comics done on the plane ride back. It was pretty cool having an outlet to plug ol’ lappy into.

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