Molly was fresh from a bath and ran down the stairs and through the hall only to propel herself right into my girlfriend’s lap as she was sitting watching TV. It was like she had a single purpose to get to her as quickly as possible.

So I’m back in Canada. This week I’ll be battling the heat and working the comic. Super excited to knock out a couple of weeks worth of content! I’ve been writing like mad and have two white board lists of ideas.

Also I just found out that there’s a Convention in my home town of Burlington ontario., ConBravo. I think for sure next year I’ll be there. That’s a pretty easy con to make it out to.

I’m in the process of shifting some things around the site and getting it all nice nice. I’ll be moving and Updating the links section into it’s own page adding an art page with some Bonus ARG stuff.

Like always you can follow me on Twitter, which seems to be the best way other than leaving a comment here to talk about the comic and you can follow my deviantart, which hopefully I’ll be updating more now that I’m back in the country.