So you can consider this an epilogue for last weeks strips if you want. Will Brandon be back? Only the future holds that answer.

I’m floored with the poll results. I wasn’t expecting that many votes honestly. Thank you everyone who voted. I am going to try my hand at creating another story arc but I will keep the normal format going till I have a story to tell.  And they won’t be any longer than a week like the last one. Thanks for joining me in that little experiment. It was fun to do.

So it sounds like I’m gonna be guest striping a lot in the near future. Some comic buddies have asked me to help out while they tackle some things in their lives and I’ve offered to do up some strips. Also I have another project that I’m going to be a part of that I’m super duper excited for. I’ll post it when it gets posted.

I gots me a twitter and a deviantart page, and since the weather is starting to cool off a bit I’ll start recording my inking and coloring again and posting it to my youtube channel. Poor lappy gets so overheated when I record.