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It can easily be called Boyfriend overlap as well. My GF and I have had times where we describe previous moments we’ve shared only to shortly realise they were not with each other. They were with other people. It’s a thing, and it happens. The best you can do is awkwardly smile and play it off as if it weren’t that profound to you. Even if it was a mind blowing moment in time.

So I went to Fanexpo yesterday. It was cool. hung out with some friends. Lurked around artist alley. There were some really awesome artists there this year. You know how there’s always that couple of tables that you’re always wondering why? not many of those this year. I may grab a table at artist alley for next year but that’ll depend on some other factors.

So I did a guest strip for Lawls today and if you’re one of  the people that came from there, Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself! Feel free to leave a comment and check out the archive.

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