So I’m sure everybody and their grandmother has done a comic about Steve Jobs  death today or is going to for friday… I debated doing this comic but you know what… I am ARG wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs influence in Technology. See every comic is written on My iPhone.  I can pretty much guarantee that any of your favorite strips were written when I was out and about somewhere and needed something to write the idea down. My Iphone became that notebook. Better than  any moleskin or sketch book more ideas are contained in my iPhone than anything. Next to this Laptop I create the strips on it’s the second most important tool in making all of this possible.  So yeah thanks Steve, for that.

Plus the dude Helped make PIXAR… WHO THE FUCK HATES PIXAR?

Nobody that’s who.

and if you do… well… you’re nobody…

What is a shame though is that Steve Jobs decided to treat his cancer with a special diet and other Treatments on the advice of a Naturopath… A lesson we can all learn. But regardless of that, the man was smart and a inspiration in The field of tech.

In happier news. HOLY FUCK GUYS??? Just yesterday I asked you guys to help break me into the top 200 on and we did it. All thanks to you guys. I want to keep this momentum up. If we can get I am ARG to break into the double digits at least once this month, I’ll get you guys some wallpapers.  Gallons of em. Sooo… If you’ve got two clicks of a mouse to spare today throw em towards one of the voting sites on the side. and Thanks.