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My Girlfriend wanted to drop in on the blog post and say some words.

“Hey everyone, it’s the ARG girlfriend here.
I just wanted to let you know how much time and effort he put into this comic arc for you guys. Each comic took at least 5 hours and not only did he work through Christmas, he was back to working on it as soon as he returned from vacation. I know he really appreciates you fans and I hope you appreciate his Christmas present to you.
Merry holidays and happy new year from the ARG homestead.
Also, for those of you wondering, yeah, I’m totally as awesome as my comic self. “

She speaks the truth folks. She is as awesome as her comic self.  And it was true that instead of taking a break like I should have done. I made even harder comics for you.

When I posted the first comic for this thing it was headed in one direction. Comic two changed that and then the whole thing morphed into something wholly different. In fact it deviated so much in tone and nature that I’ve been really fleshing out the ideas I came up with while making this story. I had so much material that this really could become it’s own thing…  which may eventually happen. Time is the only thing I don’t have…

Anyways… I hope you all enjoyed my little jump into long form comics there for a bit. Monday brings back Strip Form ARG! That sounds hot doesn’t it. THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS!