Sick of those shit the things say videos? yeah me too… HOW ABOUT ONE ABOUT A VIDYA GAME PRINCESS! Fuck yeah you like it now…

Now I realise that not everybody is going to get what’s going on in this comic, not all the references will make sense. But the best part of making a webcomic is making comics filled with obscure references!

If you were to ask me what my favourite game of all time was, I’d immediately shove a Chrono Trigger cart in your face. It’s stupid how many incarnations of this game I own and even sillier still how may times I have full on maxed this game. We’re talking multiple versions where I have 99 of the colored tech stones.  You only get one of those a play through.

I going to start posting some of my more gaming oriented comics over on the G1 blogs at, My Cheating comic made it into their Community showcase yesterday to my pleasant surprise.

I wanted to point out ways you guys can share the comic. You’ll notice various icons at the top right hand there just below the comic. Those are links to ways you can share the comic on sites like reddit or stumble upon, of course if you feel so inclined. The ones below in the blog post only share the blog and they’re bad. ALSO. You can follow me on twitter at @IamARG or join the I am ARG Facebook Group!

Have a Great weekend guys and dolls!