I’m pretty sure if you had access to my Browser history all you’d find is hours and hours of this… also that I used friendster at some point.

So Comic mix is doing a NSFW webcomic tourney. I’m sort of stuck in this Gray area (see what I did there) when it comes to NSFW webcomicry. On the one  hand there’s no explicit sex or female nudity in my comic on the other hand there is a lot of phallus. So I get overlooked sometimes because I’m apparently an NSFW comic. Thankfully this tourney is acknowledging our existence and that our fan bases need to fight to the death by way of voting. Right now they’re just doing Nominations.

EDIT – I’ve removed the link as there’s more than enough nominations for me on there. They don’t need my comic spammed all over. Thank you so much for those that did take the time to go and Nominate me. Let’s keep this awesome enthusiasm for when the voting starts up!