I’m terrible at letting go of things, I even have all my old girlfriends in a box in the closet.

I mentioned this before on other social media but I wanted to ask you guys what ARG strips would you guys show to a potential new reader to hook them to the comic. I ask because I’m putting together a flyer filled with comics to hand out to potential new readers at cons. I wanted to get ARG experts to weigh in. So leave a comment with a couple of comics you think would best introduce ARG to a new reader. Thanks!

If you’re in and around Burlington, Ontario next weekend, you should definitely come see me at ConBravo! I’ll be in the artist alley section and I’ll have various prints of my more gaming themed comics available for sale.  I’ll also have buttons and posters for sale and I’ll be doing sketches and taking a small number of commissions. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I won’t have the book for sale there but I will have a proof of it that you guys can check out