I’m stuck at this part. Can you guys give me any hints?

So I made a mistake last couple of blog posts. The Dealer rooms at ConBravo are only open on Saturday and Sunday and as it stands now I have to leave the country early Sunday to attend Lynn’s Family reunion. So that means I’ll only be there on Saturday. I reccomend you go the other days too as the angry video game nerd and Roo from The Clan of the Grey Wolf and 16-bit gems will be there. Also The nostalgia critic and a bunch more awesome guests! Check it all out folks it’s sure to be a great time!

Also since I’ll be out of the country for a week I’m lining up some guest strips from some great friends of mine! If all goes well there may even be a new comic EVERY DAY next week!

Hope to see you at ConBravo and Have a great weekend folks!