It’s really hard to squeeze all that heart juice into those bottles of perfume.



If you pre-ordered a book during the Indiegogo campaign keep an eye on your email. I’ll reiterate one main point here, I need everybody that preordered to CHECK THE SHIPPING ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED TO MAKE SURE IT IS ACCURATE. It’s been some a month and a bit since the Indiegogo campaign ended and some people may have moved or what not. I want these books to get to you as quickly and easily as I can. If you feel you need to update your address send an email to ARG[at]IamARG[dot]com. If you don’t I will send it to the address you provided when you made your order.

For those that couldn’t take advantage of the pre-order when it was up, DO NOT FRET! The books will soon be available online via a store. I’ll be selling it for $20 or $30 if you want the artist edition.

I’ll also be debuting the book at FanExpo in Toronto at the end of the month!

Happy Wednesday!