When you think about it, you’re always touching your body.

So you guys apparently liked monday’s DnD comic. Thanks for all the sharing and the reposting and such. If  you guys ever feel like it again, you can share other comics in the archive by using the social buttons at the bottom of the comic’s blog post.  Every little bit helps spread the word of ARG to the masses and helps me!

So… This is a little awkward. If you’re a reader and you frequently view the site from an iOS device (iphone, Ipod, Ipad) and you’re in canada. There’s a rogue ad on one of the networks that is forwarding readers to an undesired site. I respect your right to choose when and if you would like to view such undesired sites. I’m currently trying to fix the issue right now. so far the only fix is to not view the site from an iOS device and not view it from Canada. Thanks for your patience while I fix this.

FIXED! I think… Let me know if you encounter it.