While in Seattle it came to my attention that a lot of you do not know of the joy that is poutine. The standard is gravy, cheese curds and fries, but lately the poutinering has opened itself to all sorts of new combinations. Basically if it’s  edible it can go on a bed of french fries.

I’ve been putting off doing a big write up of Emerald City Comic Con and that’s only because I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe it. It was sort of a mixed bag. The people I met were absolutely amazing. Meeting Kris Straub was one of many highlights of the trip. Some solid new friendships have developed from this trip and current friendships only got stronger. It was by far an excellent convention people wise. My only complaint is that they had our group of webcomics away from all the other webcomics. Some people didn’t even know there was a whole other section of comic goodness. So it brought sales down friday and saturday. Sunday picked up and I’m happy to say that 75% of my book sales were to people that never even read the comic, had picked up a flyer from me the day before and then decided to buy a book. ProTip: Flyers with 6 of your broadest and best comics on it kill at conventions. 

So there’s a mini write up of Emerald City Comic Con.