This coming weekend I’ll be at ConBravo. I’ve also been asked to speak on two panels. If you’ve ever been to a Q&A panel an interesting phenomenon occurs. There’s always one person that takes forever to get to their question. Sometimes it’s nerves. Sometimes they’re socially awkward. And sometimes they namedrop like crazy. But I understand it completely. I’ve been that guy.

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So like I said before, I’ll be at ConBravo next week from the 26th to 28th of July in Hamilton Ontario. There will be lots of great guests like Brentalfloss and James Portnow of Extra Credits. Just check out the awesome guest list. On the Saturday I’ll be doing 2 panels back to back. The first one starts at 7pm and it’s called “So you want to work in Animation?” where the wonderfully talented Katie Shanahan and I will be talking about working in the animation industry and then right after Katie and I will be joined by Brentalfloss, Dan Roth and Vitaly where will be taking Webcomic Q&A’s! It’s gonna be a busy but awesome night!