The dollar store has some weird flavours of Potato chips.

Eat the greatest Flavours of Potato Chips at the I am ARG Facebook page.


Today I’m at  ConBravo till the 28th of July in Hamilton Ontario. There will be lots of great guests like Brentalfloss and James Portnow of Extra Credits. Just check out the awesome guest list. On  Saturday I’ll be doing 2 panels back to back. The first one starts at 7pm and it’s called “So you want to work in Animation?” where the wonderfully talented Katie Shanahan and I will be talking about working in the animation industry and then right after Katie and I will be joined by Brentalfloss, Dan Roth and Vitaly where will be taking Webcomic Q&A’s! It’s gonna be a busy but awesome night!

Here’s a shot of some of the things I’ll have at my booth this weekend.

Plus I’ll have the I am ARG volume one book for sale and I’ll be doing on the spot commissions! Stop by and say hi if you’re at the con!