Hey folks! I rarely like to ask you guys for help, we’ve got this nice relationship where I entertain you and that’s really cool. But today we need your help!

We’ve just launched a kickstarter to raise the funds needed to print the next volume of ARG! Printing a book is expensive and on our own we’d never be able to do it. So we’ve set this Kickstarter up as a pre-order to get the ball rolling. We’ve got lots of cool extras available too, like commissions, postcards, posters, ARG Flatcaps, Book bundles where you can get Volume 1 with Volume 2 and so much more. ย If you can’t pledge money, that’s cool, we understand. Just spread the word about the kickstarter to friends and family! We’d love to see this book printed. It’s going to have some of my favorite strips in it and it’s going to be loaded with extras.ย With your help we can get this sucker printed.

Thanks so much for all your support guys! You guys make this whole webcomics thing the bees knees!

Also, I couldn’t leave you guys without a comic today.