Wow, guys! So Book Two is happening! Late Monday we raised enough funds to print the book. Thanks in part to all of the lovely readers that have pledged so far. But that doesn’t mean it’s over! Far from it.  Now we’re in stretch goal  territory. The territory where we can make Volume two even better by stuffing the book full of awesome content.

You can still pre-order a copy and take advantage of the exclusive rewards like ARG! Flatcaps and commissions.  If we can raise enough money, Volume 2 will get even more content and see the return of our phallic humored adventurer VAS DEFERENS!

VD2So yeah, head over to the kickstarter page and take a gander at all the cool things we’re trying to do. And if you’re up to it share the kickstarter with a friend or heck even just the comic. You guys are one of the biggest reasons I do this comic.  And you never cease to amaze me with how awesome you all are. Thank you.

I’m gonna go make a great book for you guys.