and then I woke up…

I hope all of you have been enjoying the new smash as much as I have. It’s a solid portable version of smash. Here’s some of my impressions.

  • Peach is still a beast. Love her new up air and her new butt bomber.
  • Duck Hunt is awesome. I love playing them. They have a really awesome spacing game and the disjointed hitboxes on a lot of their attacks make them feel great.
  • The new Classic mode is great. good fun.
  • The other mini games are fun too. That angry birds one is awesome.
  • Online is a little sluggish. I only had two matches were I didn’t notice any input lag. Even still it’s way better than Brawls online. Much fun had.
  • Turning off tap up to jump is key. Tilts are so much easier.
  • a lack of a C-stick is hurting this version of smash. There’s so many things that just can’t be done without a C-stick.
  • I’m even more excited for the WiiU version now.

If you join the ARG Facebook group there’s a thread in the group that has a friend code exchange so you can find other readers to play smash with!