So it’s been a whole month since I started this comic. Even though a month doesn’t seem that long, it feels good to know I’ve accomplished something even if it still feels like a start to something. I set myself some strict guidelines with this comic and I’ve met them.

Sure, not everything was perfect but that is kind of the point. I just want to produce content, to get it done in an hour and available to an audience. It’s been a learning experience and it’s only getting better. so I just want to say one thing.

Thank you for the support so far. Thank you for the likes on Facebook. The comments and favorites on Deviantart. The tweets and posts helping me to promote the new site. Thank you.

Speaking of the site, I know it looks pretty barren right now and no this is not the final design for it. I’m working to get a nice looking layout that stylistically matches the comic and is appealing without being cluttered. expect that sometime soon. No ETA yet…

As for the previous comics in the archive. I think I’m gonna go back and write up some “director’s commentary” for them. just to flesh out the blog posts on those comics. That should be fun.

Again thanks for the support and I hope to keep entertaining you with the weird shit in my life.