Oddest sight I had ever witnessed and this was the second time it happened. If you legitimately require the use of a scooter to make it through your life that’s okay, it sucks that you have trouble walking but I understand your need. These girls did not look like they had trouble walking. They looked lazy. I could be wrong maybe  they all needed scooters. Maybe they’re lazy. Maybe they have back or leg problems. Maybe they’re lazy. Regardless their thugged out boyfriends looked like they were riding them like Indian war elephants. There’s some odd people in Toronto.

So i’m trying to figure out if I should head out to some cons and promote guerrilla styles. The only ones I see me being effective at are Wizard World and Fan Expo (both Toronto Cons). I don’t know if my style of drawing is conducive to Anime North but I guess they kinda overlap into webcomics. My current thinking is I’ll jump into some cons with business cards and fliers with some comics on them. Hand those out and see how it goes. I think I may be getting ahead of myself… Let’s just get the comics up.

I’m thinking of opening up some commission work on deviantart, so there may be some details soon. I have to work out logistics.

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