Here’s the TL;DR – I am ARG now updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next little bit.

This is hard for me to explain,  but I’ll do my best.

For reasons outside of the comic, I feel like I’ve been rushing the creative process.  Making 5 comics a week is fun and I truly love the pace my schedule creates. But recently, with all the work needed for the book, the preparation needed for upcoming conventions, getting a store ready, a whole whack of personal and professional things and not too mention just trying to have a life,  I feel it’s started to negatively impact the comic.

I strive to always make the best comic I can and release it on time. So far I’ve been really successful with this schedule. Rarely am I late and I’ve never missed an update. But recently, I don’t feel as if I’m putting out the best I can do and I hate that feeling.

When you’ve got a lot on your plate everything gets less attention than it deserves. That just won’t do for me. I’ve taken a hard look at what needs to be accomplished in the coming months and what is suffering right now and I’ve come to a decision.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be updating I am ARG Monday, Wednesday, Friday for a bit.

This is a doable schedule. This will allow me the time to complete everything and bring you quality content that I am happy to post. It’s the breathing room I need before going full bore again.

I  want to stress that this is not a permanent thing. I will be going back to a full 5day weekday schedule once I get through all this.

I apologize to those readers that read I am ARG every morning. I love knowing that for a lot of you, I am a daily stop in your webcomic reading routine. I promise you this is temporary and I am ARG will return to the 5 day a week comic you’ve come to know and love over the last year.

I appreciate your patience and support.


-Andrew Gregoire