Today’s comic comes courtesy of my darling fiancee Lynn she says  “You’re welcome”.

So on Sunday we moved into our new place and got most of the things we needed to at the least exist up and working. On monday Lynn started a new job.  Later that night she started complaining of some abdomen pain and passed out in the middle of our hallway. Luckily I was there to catch her before she hit her head on all the boxes.  We went to the emergency room and spent the next 16 hours getting various tests done and  they determined that it was  appendicitis. We’ve been in and out of various hospital rooms all day. Lynn hasn’t ate anything since monday at 8pm and we’ve both barely gotten any sleep today.  Lynn’s healthy and in great spirits hence the comic she drew for me while waiting for surgery to happen. She went into surgery late last night and the procedure went fine. We’re currently at the hospital still and she’s just recovering.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind words so far. The love is definitely felt.