This past weekend Lynn and I finally tied the knot. In a party we’ve stressed and poured our lives into for months now, we became husband and wife. It was an incredible party and Lynn and I are truly lucky to have such great friends and family. Lynn barely left the dance floor and there wasn’t a single bad moment the entire night. It was truly a perfect night. We gave all the guests a custom made Lego Mini Fig and made custom wedding programs to look like an SNES Instruction manual.

As a gift to all you readers, in celebration of our wedding, Here’s a wallpaper sized version made up to look like SNES box art!

Also, here’s some of the artwork I did for this weekend’s wedding.

The full cover art for the program. 

The Groomsmen

The Bridesmaids

Lynn’s drawing for the back of the program 

I want to thank Brian, Rebecca, Ryan and Vee for the guest comics last week. That time was much needed to make Saturday an incredible moment. Thank yous so much.

I’ll probably make a full blog post after we’ve recovered from the post wedding excitement. Thanks for all the well wishes and everything guys!