Yeah, hot sweaty summer weather with long hair and you’re a greasy french canadian… not a cool feeling to have all the time. But the kids… oh those kids… what will I do…

I didn’t see Super 8 last night so no review today. I apologize, but the girlfriend was babysitting for 12 hours straight and I wasn’t about to force her into a crowded theather. I just got her a beer, ordered some bacon pizza and watched some TV with her. I do have plans now to see it on Wednesday.  So we’ll see how it is.

Last night after the GF went to sleep I knocked out about a weeks worth of comics,  so I’ve built myself a bit of a buffer. I think that’s one of the pluses of this style of comic. You can easily jump around in time. Although I do want to try something that has a story arc to it. That’s a challenge I’d like to overcome. Also the free time allows me write some different comic ideas.

Been loving the comments you guys have been leaving me. I’ve only had to delete one but that was because it was some spam comment  that made no sense what so ever. So yeah keep em coming.

I’ll be updating the FAQ soon too. Been Getting some good process questions that I think would fit that section perfectly.