Seriously. You called me, at least have the decency to have someone there ready to actually offer me something when YOU call ME.

Anyways, I’m in Kingston Ontario for a couple of days then heading out to a cottage. It’s fun, I’m hanging out with my girlfriends parents and last night we went to Fort Henry to check out the Sunset Ceremonies. It’s pretty cool. They have a bunch of college kids dressed up in traditional british soldier unifrom and gear and perform drills and fire off cannons. it was loud and all explosiony. I got to see what an 1867 latrine looks like and yeah it’s pretty much what I’d expect.

I’d like to also point out that Allison from Extra Credits has injured her shoulder and she needs surgery if she’s ever going to do art again.  The extra Credits guys have set up a RocketHub page to help get her some money for the surgery and to pay some artists to fill in for the episode art work. So check that out and donate if you can.

Again thanks to everyone who’s been voting and checking out the archives! I hope your enjoying yourselves and like always feel free to leave comments or check out my twitter or deviantart.