No, I will not share the video. It was a private study of privates.

Not much in the news front here.  Currently re-watching the breakfast club. I love that film. One of those timeless classics. Like Apocalypse now or Goodfellas. Man do I love Goodfellas.

Have you guys seen this? I’m so excited for this Arkham City. I loved Asylum a ton. It felt truly like a 3D Metroidvania style game. Plus Mark Hamill will always be the greatest Joker ever. I liked what Heath did for the character but Mark Hamill will always be the joker for me.  That laugh is awesome.

I’m also more excited for Bioshock Infinite, but who isn’t right? It’s always great to see a talented production team get enough funding to create a product that looks truly great. I’d love to work on a production like that. I recently had a chance to be apart of something that was really really cool, Unfortunately things went sour. I won’t get into particulars here but it sucks that it ended suddenly.