Sometimes on I am ARG! I exagerate, but this exact sceneario happened to me. Faithful ARG readers or “ARG-onauts” (heh that sounds pretty cool) might remember this and this. Yerp it happened. It was pretty funny and can only imagine that I looked like a creeper as I looked like I was picking my ass.

So next week is looking like a crazy art week for me. I’ve got a bunch of guest strips to do up and a Shuper Shecret Project thinger that I have to start working on. It’ll be really cool and super interesting and fun and every other creative adjective that i can use to build it up. also I have to go camping… and of course make comics for all you faithful readers.

Which brings up something cool. I had a readership goal for the comic that i set for next may and I just wanna say that i’ve already hit that goal and some. SOOOOOoooo Thanks to all you guys promoting I amARG! out there on the interwebs. when this craziness of the next two weeks calms down I’ll be doing up some nice things for you guys as a thank you.

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