Technically it’s not an “hour” but technically I don’t care and Technically the effect is still useless on Ugly people… except on my girlfriend. It turns her super hot. Past any conceivable notion of hot.

So another 4chan post today! I love you guys that post the comic in forums and such. You’re awesome peoples! Love it! People think it’s me trying to push the comic down their throats. Needless to say I’ll make it known it’s me pushing it down your throat if I decide that’s the most effective way to promote the comic. Honestly Pretending to be Anonymous and post my own comic, begging you guys to read it, is pretty sneaky way to market myself. It would only make me look like a giant fakey tool.  I like the way I promote the comic right now (facebook, twitter, advertising, Top lists and guest work for other sites). It sucks that you readers that do something nice by sharing a comic you enjoy,  gets misconstrued as me being a sneaky ass. It’s not your fault and I don’t want you to stop sharing the comic if you want to. I’m not forcing anybody to do anything really. I just want whoever happens upon the comic to enjoy themselves. If they don’t, that’s cool too, thanks for giving it a chance. I just hate when good deeds get wrongfully turned into bad ones by a couple of people. Such is the tale of the internets. It’s something I’m gonna have to learn to deal with.

But please let me reiterate. THANK YOU to all those people that retweet and post comics in forums or show it to their friends. I keep saying this over and over I love you guys. THANKS for making this comic awesome for me. I hope to make it awesome for you.

Man you guys really dug that Harry potter comic yesterday… I almost didn’t put it up. Learned me a lesson yesterday. Just post it, somebody is bound to like it.

So in a weird turn of events, I somehow managed to make it into the finals for The Yogscast search for a comic artist. Kinda took me by surprise really. Thanks to Nic for pointing me to it. The voting starts Monday, I’ll be sure regardless of what happens, to post my entries here afterwards.