Clubbing. Clubbing never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the Clubbing power of jazz and Boogie, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from Dubstep to Drum and bass to simple, psychotic Trance.

So yeah went to a club on Saturday it was fun, they actually played music I liked so that was fun.

okay… So on friday, I had announced that I was in the finals for the Yogscast comic artist search. Well regrettably I have withdrawn my participation from the contest. Basically it goes like this. If I were to win the position I would not be able to the comic justice. I just can’t dedicate the time necessary to make it the best I would want it to be. Not only that but it would take away time from “I am ARG”. And that’s just something I can’t do. On top of all the things I need to pay rent and such.  They’ve got 5 other talented artists that are more than capable of making it a great comic and I look forward to seeing what happens. Sorry to those that were looking forward to my entries. I’ll post the first one up on my deviantart.