My fiancee knows just what to make me happy when I’m feeling down.

And in big news! The Preorder for I am ARG! Volume 1 is live!  There’s lots of cool incentives like prints of the cover, comissioned artwork, guest spots and for one lucky person a hand crocheted ARG plush, crocheted by Lynn! I’m super excited to get this going and with your help we can get this book published!

I’m going to get personal here for a second. This book has been a dream of mine since I started ARG. May of last year I made it a goal to get a collection of my strips published in a book and I can’t believe it’s becoming a reality. I honestly did not expect ARG to be anywhere near the beast it is right now. It’s grown fair beyond what I expected and that’s all because of great readers like all of you. And now that I’m selling a book  it’s slowly looking like I could eventually do this full time. That’s an awesome and scary feeling.

I know some Webcomic artists grow into a love/hate relationship with their audience. But I’ve been fortunate to be able to say it’s all love here. You guys consistently make me happy when days are going sour and that’s awesome to have.  So thank you for all your continued support and for your support with my book endeavour.

I’ll keep making comics if you keep reading them!