My legs are sound sleepers. It would really suck if an earthquake happened…

Okay you guys are amazing. In one day we’ve managed to raise nearly $2000 for the book. If we reach $5000 everybody who has donated $20 or more will get a free PDF version of the book ready for mobile devices! So there’s still time to pre-order your copy!

Also Please remember to add the shipping cost on your pre-order. when you go to place it, near the bottom of the “Perk & Amount section there is a Input box where you can adjust the total amount you are contributing. Just add $8 to that number and you’re good to go!. If you’ve already pre-ordered and forgot to add the shipping fear not! You can just go and contribute at the $1 level and then change it to $8 in the text box at the bottom of the “Perk & Amount” section. Sorry for the confusion guys. Next fundraiser I do I’ll have that sorted out.

Also I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I was on the Podcast.  Check it out! They’re really wonderful guys and if you ever wanted to learn more about Canada this is a good primer.