Whenever I see some one or hear some say ARG! I can’t help but think of me… I’m super vain like that.

I also did a guest strip for NERF THIS You can check it HERE. 2 COMICS! ONE DAY!

I want to thank everybody that’s contributed to a pre-order, we’ve hit the 50% in just 2 days! That’s awesome guys! There’s still lots of great rewards left like guest spots in the comic! I’ll give you a speaking part and draw you into the comic and you’ll receive a 12×18 print of the comic shortly after it goes up on the site.

ALSO! If we hit the target goal of $5000 everyone that has contributed $20 or more (pre-order tier and higher)  will receive a PDF copy of the book!!!

Also please remember to add the shipping cost on your pre-order. When you go to place it, near the bottom of the “Perk & Amount section there is a Input box where you can adjust the total amount you are contributing. Just add $8 to that number and you’re good to go!. If you’ve already pre-ordered and forgot to add the shipping fear not! You can just go and contribute at the $1 level and then change it to $8 in the text box at the bottom of the “Perk & Amount” section. Sorry for the confusion guys. Next fundraiser I do I’ll have that sorted out.