After a hard day at the factory, it’s nice to come home to your loving family.

I think this is the first Single panel comic I’ve ever made. Besides the one year anniversary comic.

I did a fan comic for brentalfloss the comic. You can vote for it here, it’s number 14!

For the last like 2 weeks I’ve been skirting getting my fiancee’s disease. I keep getting on the cusp of this thing without fully diving into full on sick. It’s super annoying. Just make me sick or don’t damn it.

I’m currently in kingston till tuesday so I may not be able to reply to every message or comment till I get back. I have my phone with me so I will be able to read everyone of em like I usually do.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me for the NSFW Webcomic Tourney. I know for the last month I’ve asked quite a bit out from all of you. I want you to know that your love is felt and in the near future there’ll be some goodies coming.

There’ll be more to this blog post later in the day if things that I know are supposed to happen, happen.