There’s nothing more awkward than having someone clearly more successful than you say they are jealous of you.

A quick update on the remaining books that need to be shipped out from the IndieGogo Pre-order. If you ordered the TAG Team tier (artist edition and a poster), They’ll be going out on Monday or Tuesday! This weekend I’ll be plowing through all the commission work for those of you that purchased commissions. You should receive an email on monday  with a copy of your image to go over before I finish them off.  For those waiting on guest spots, I’m slowly getting through them. I want to put you guys into what I think are really good comics. Comics I’d be proud to hang on my wall. So they’ll be coming soon too.  Thanks for all your patience  on this guys, it’s been hectic figuring out all the shipping and then all the personal stuff lately, so it’s very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend guys!