This is the thrilling conclusion to a storyline that started HERE!

So this is the end of my week long experiment into writing a story arc for I am ARG! I had a blast making these strips and I’m glad you guys seemed to like it. I am definitely  going to try so more story arcs in the future… Let me know what you guys thought of this in the comments. ALSO POLL FOR YER AMUSEMENTS!

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So I had mentioned on twitter that I grabbed a 3DS for the reduced price and a copy of Ocarina of Time. I haven’t had a chance to touch it really as the Girlfriend has been playing it non stop. Also it’s her birthday today! so leave her a Happy Birthday comment in the comments section. Just refer to her as “ARG’s Girlfriend” yeah that’ll go over well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARG’s Girlfriend! That’s a good example. In fact I’m not opposed to you guys just copying that and pasting that. The sentiment is the same right?

Till monday!