I’m afraid sometimes when I walk into Best Buy and I’m looking for something. I’m afraid I’ll have to communicate with someone who thinks they are better then me and then blow up at someone just trying to make a living. I get frustrated am too afraid to ask. So I just wish customer service people would bend to my will… wouldn’t that be awesome.

So Thomas from Looks Like Rain, did up this awesome sketch of my Hulked up arg form! check it out and check out his comic and tumblr. dudes got chops.

Oh man… yesterday was a busy day for me. A lot of commotion as my roommate was moving out and I had to finish up a large project. I’m super tired as I write this and will probably pass out… But I loved every minute of today.

So Wacom is releasing the Inkling. I’m a bit skeptical, I really hope it works as well as people think it does. I’m concerned for the Y-axis awareness. There’s other tech that uses this idea and It’s been unreliable sometimes, and you end up with images that are slightly squashed, if not calibrated correctly. Also that pen looks pretty big… I’m not a fan of the Intous Stylus and this thing looks rough.. I don’t know… I’ll have to try it out before I’d even think of buying one.

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