So as I was drawing yesterdays comic  this came into my head continuing the idea a little further. I’m always getting ideas like this where things just get absurdly epic and usually ends in my death… I really REALLY want to do another storyline soon. I’ve got some ideas kicking around for one that’s epic and ARG related… I also wanna do something seperate from ARG like a small 8-10 page one off of something epic, yet funny, yet simple in idea.

There’s a problem I run into doing a Semi-Autobiographical comic. I hate making myself a hero. You’ll notice anytime I put myself in a position where I win I try to  either make me an undeniably huge asshole about it or I get what’s deserved. It’s cool to be the winner sometimes and it’s nice to write a comic where you seem like your the witty perfect human that always overcomes but that gets really annoying to read if it’s in every comic. That’s the trouble I come across with ARG. It’s a comic influenced by the things that happen in my life but I’m a flawed human and I hope that comes across in the comic.  Pardon my self reflection here. I just felt I need to say that, To make it apparent to everybody that I’m aware of certain things.

Well how about some Poison Ivy Fanart? YES? no… oh well here have it anyways…

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Ugh let’s hope I don’t have a stomach flu tomorrow… lol