For those that may not know the reference… HERE I don’t do many video game reference comics. But I just had this idea… of torturing this poor defenseless fox like the dude who yells at his cat… except just taunt the fox with barrel roll commands.

So the last page of My NERF THIS guest week went up today! I had a blast and wanna thank Scott for giving me free reign with a much beloved character and actually writing some back story for him. It was so much fun.

So… 10 comics this week for you guys!  Did you enjoy the nerf this stuff? I’m gonna go play some arkham city but before I go.

Next Week is ARGQUESTIONSTRAVAGANZA! If you’ve got a question that you’d like to see in comic form Leave it the comments, on the I am ARG facebook page or Tweet it to me at @IamARG

Have a great weekend guys!