partying is for the birds… 

And so ends the ARGQUESTIONSTRAVAGANZA. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, It was a nice challenge to answer them in comic form. For those whose questions didn’t get picked in the draw, don’t worry I’ll try and answer them all over the next week.  Those that asked about my eyes and hat, you’ll be getting a very special answer in a little story arc I’ve got written for sometime in november. I’m excited to get to that.

If you’ve been following my twitter at all (@IamARG) you’ve probably heard me go on about another strip i’ve got planned. well yeah I’ve been writing it, planning and designing it for the last  4 months now and I’m super excited to do it… The problem is… I can’t do both that and ARG… So since I made a pact with myself that ARG will go for at least a year (and don’t worry it’ll continue on afterwards) I’m gonna wait and really work this new strip out and make a solid buffer before I get it out on the net. Any free time has been going to make this an awesome character strip and I’m sure you guys will love it.

Have a great weekend everybody!