So with the weather getting colder we discovered some furry little friends sneaking around the apartment. I can only imagine this is how they live and die.

So I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. I appreciate the patience and I hope you guys enjoyed the comic I whipped up while sick.

Between the naps and what not I was able to put some time into the Diablo 3 Beta. I have to say. The game looks awesome. The painted style when in motion looks great. I was apart of the starcraft 2 beta and the Cataclysm beta after that and I have to say this one is easily the most polished. And that’s saying a lot for blizzard game. I’m anxious to see how different at all this turns out in release. 

Oh and like Happy Thanksgiving you american dudes and dudettes… I almost forgot, cuz, ya know… we in Canada have the superior Thanksgiving…