Seriously, My super nintendo games are assholes.

So, I’m still playing Ocarina of Time and still hating it. I’m still giving it the benefit of the doubt and maybe it’s because I’m not playing the N64 version or maybe it’s because I AM ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR THINGS TO HATE ABOUT IT, But I’m not enjoying my time… granted… the games I used as the bullies in the comic are not perfect games either, they just happen to be games I play over and over again and still find enjoyable. A fact that many people share with Ocarina of Time. I’ll get through it… and then maybe I’ll get through the other ones…

So for those of you that like arbitrary numbers this marks the 150th ARG comic, and we also hit 600 likes on the I am ARG facebook page. It’s also My 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend and out of all three of those that last one is definitely the most important.

happy humpday!