So since we are well into getting this new year off to a good start, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. Soon I’ll be hitting May 8th, which is the one year anniversary of I am ARG. It’s been a crazy year so far and I’ve loved every minute of it. This whole thing has opened me to some really awesome opportunities and I’m excited and scared all at the same time and I have you guys to thank for that.

I want to open a store…

How I do this, I do not know. I’ve had some talks with a number of people about handling things, but I’m unsure of the logistics right now. Plus being a Canadian there’s a whole other slew of things I need to figure out as well. Not many good tutorials about setting up a webcomic business for canadians unfortunately. I might have to write my own…

Since I’ve got this new fancy site, I feel the need to start making back the money I’ve put into this site. I’m not sure any of you are aware of this but I have yet to make any money on the comic. I’m not angry or upset about that, quite the opposite in fact. I happily spent money on advertising and hosting to get to a point where I’m satisfied with where the comic sits right now. I’m not “Living off my comic” good. But I’m a nice chunk of the way there and that’s something I honestly would love to do.

I technically don’t have a job right now. I’ve been out of  contract for about 6 months now and collecting employment insurance (Thank Carl sagan’s turtleneck for paying into that). Animation’s a tough nut to find work in. Especially in Toronto, which is kind of a saturated market when it comes to animators. I’ve got a line on a couple of jobs and hopefully I can get back to work.  That being said, I’m not just lazily sitting around doing nothing and then crapping out a comic. I’m helping my parents right now with some stuff  and that takes my time up out of the day.

So I’m gonna start opening up some things. Ages ago I mentioned about doing some commission work. I think either this week or next I’ll open myself for that. Along with getting the store up and running I wanna get more involved with you guys, my readers. I try and respond to every tweet on my twitter (@IamARG) and lately I’ve been making an effort to reply to every comment. But I wanna connect more to you guys. I’m thinking of answering questions on my Tumblr or maybe possibly setting up a forum.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and hell, even just talk.